Alternative Technique

Led by Ann Tutt

In this class participants will

gain skills in the Mitzvah Technique and other alternative movement, release and sensory work that can extend artistic scope of both music and dance practices

receive assistance with overcoming the physical challenges of music and dance performance

learn a more facile approach to physical work in order to optimize physical function for playing and dancing

learn fluidity and clarity of physicality to enhance artistic capabilities

some of this time may be reserved for musicians to spend additional time working with John Gzowski


Contemporary Dance Technique

Led by Julia Aplin


In this class musicians will

Apply skills and ideas from the alternative technique class to improvised playing

Develop skills related to playing for dance class

Gain a further understanding of the musical language used by dancer and choreographers In this class dancers will

Apply skills and ideas learned in the alternative technique class to contemporary dance technique

Develop technical skills of Contemporary dance such as connection to ground, articulation, focus/intention and breath

Develop and refine artistry through movement



Led by Julia Aplin, John Gzowski and Ann Tutt


In this class participants will collaborate to

Develop improvisational tools and skills for creation and performance

Explore the relationships between movement, sound and imagery

Develop relationships with collaboraters of both genres

Practice listening and acting with intuition

Develop skills for learning movement and musical phrases

Develop a communal score for improvisation

Practice skills and techniques from the morning classes