The Mitzvah Technique is the living work of Nehemia Cohen. It derives its name from the Hebrew word "mitzvah" meaning "a good deed." This unique and integral body of work includes the gentle yet powerful guidance of the hands both in tablework and through movement in order to activate and refine the Mitzvah Pinciple and Mechanism. The MItzvah Principle is the name Cohen gave the bodies neuromusculoskeletal defense mechanism. It is an interplay of forces working between the pelvis,spine neck and head during walking and other motion, which generates a spring-like ripple of movement through the body, lengthening the spine and rebalancing the body. Having discovered this mechanism Nehemia set out to do develop a remedial exercise and technique. Consequently the Mitzvah Exercise was created. It is a simple series of movement that involves sitting, standing and walking. It teaches a precise exploration and refinement of the bodies shifting yet continuously balanced relationship to the vertical gravity line. The exercise encourages the proper articulation and moving relationships of all the primary joints and in so doing teaches students a way of moving that prevents the overuse of the musculature and releases tension patterns which have built up through imbalanced use of the body. The tablework, likewise ,facilitates the release of muscular impasses which interfere with the bodies fluid, balanced and facile motion. Studying the Mitzvah Technique provides the opportunity to explore the fluidity of the moving spine while experiencing a grounded balanced and sensate uprightness. It is an excellent adjunct to somatic and kinesthetic practices, as well as a remedial approach beneficial to many chronic ailments and injuries. Nehemia Cohen, now in his eighties, still maintains four day a week private practice at The Mitzvah Technique Center in Toronto. Formerly a dancer with The Inbal Dance Theatre of Israel Cohen is a fully qualified teacher of The Alexander Technique through the original school in London, England. He also worked extensively with Moshe Feldenkrais and then continued his study of the body in motion among the Bedouins of the Sinai desert whose lifestyles were as yet relatively untouched by the industrial world. All these influences converged inspiring Cohen in the creation of this profoundly transformative movement and healing work the Mitzvah Technique.


Nehemia Cohen writes the following in his booklet "The Mitzvah Exercise and Its Principle, Improving Human Performance".


The widespread, self-inflicted, premature degeneration of human functionality is often caused by a lack of awareness of body mechanics and by modern living habits. Everyone slouches consciously or unconsciously, at least occasionally, often habitually, but most people are only vaguely aware of the harm that can result.... The Mitzvah Principle reawakens the defense mechanism even after long dormancy, and because it brings beneficial changes to bodies and their inseparable minds, mastery of it leads to better living and higher standards of accomplishment. What at first seems impossible often becomes possible as the mind/body is freed to reach even higher levels of inherent potential.


To know more go to Society of Mitzvah Technique Teachers of Canada website


Ann Tutt has been engaged in Nehemia's work and development since 1980. She is a certified teacher and maintains private practices in both Toronto, Ontario and Regina,Saskatchewan. Ann has taught privately and through workshops and master classes across Canada. She is uniquely qualified in her ability to apply this work to other disciplines through her experience as a dancer, with other alternative movement techniques and in through first hand experience working with many dancers,actors and musicians in this capacity. Since 2004, Ann has been offering a Professional Training Program to train other teachers in the Mitzvah Technique which is now ongoing in both Toronto and Regina.