BODIES was created as an umbrella under which to teach and present additional alternative movement approaches both on their own and as interpreted through and synthesized with the foundational movement work of the Mitzvah Technique.


Alchemy of Movement is at present a name under which Ann teaches a synthesis of transformative movement learning as well as teaching the physics of the moving and working body in relationship to other physical disciplines such as dance technique and the technical challenges of professional musicians and athletes.


Since 2004, Ann Tutt has also been offering a Professional Training Program  to train other teachers of the Mitzvah Technique which is now ongoing in both Toronto and Regina.


Ann has been engaged in Nehemia's work and development since 1980. She is a certified teacher and maintains private practices in both Toronto, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan.


Ann has taught privately and through workshops and master classes across Canada. She is uniquely qualified in her ability to apply this work to other disciplines through her experience as a dancer, with other alternative movement techniques and in through first hand experience working with many dancers, actors and musicians in this capacity.


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