The Mitzvah Technique Professional Teacher Training Program


The professional teacher's training program is based on the training program that Nehemia Cohen developed over his 20 years of experience training teachers in The Mitzvah Technique.


Ann Tutt offers this training through a workshop-based program. It is based on 450 hours of in-class learning, directed practicums and individually programmed direction.


The first 150 hours of instruction offer an overview of the technique where participants learn basic movement and touch skills and physical awareness, followed by a focus on solidifying the core touch and movement skills. At the end of the first 150 hours students are given practice teaching assignments. Students that achieve satisfactory completion of practice teaching become apprenticing teachers.


The second 150 hours are devoted to further in-depth study of the moving body and building additional hands-on skills to support the apprenticing process. Apprenticing teachers are expected to be working privately and teaching small classes and workshops. Opportunities for supervised work experience and coaching are provided through in class workshops with guest participants guest teachers and group discussion.


The remaining 150 hours are directed toward refining the sense of touch with the working hands and developing the most sophisticated hands-on techniques. As well, apprenticing teachers are required to demonstrate a highly refined level of movement sophistication and embodiment of the Mitzvah mechanism.


Teachers that have successfully completed the course will become qualified teachers of the Mitzvah Technique. They may then take the SMTTC board exam and become certified teachers of the Mitzvah Technique.


The Professional Training is an on-going program now in Toronto and Regina.

Workshops occur:


Toronto: September- June

Regina: December, January, April, June, July, August, November


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Please contact Ann if you are interested in studying with her, organizing a workshop or finding our more information on the classes.