Photo by Don Hall.


Radixlbody is the website for RadixlyEmbodyDesires, pronounced radically embodied desires. It is the umbrella name for the work and projects of Ann Tutt and collaboraters.


Always curious about the etymology of words, Ann was struck by an ad pronouncing, radical: root word radix, meaning to get to the root of.


Ann thought that it was an appropriate concept for all her work and RadixlyEmbodyDesires was conceived.


Radical: to get to the root of, forming an inherent or essential nature of something or someone Embodied: to realize, be an expression of or give tangible, visible form to a principle or concept Desires: strong wish for something to happen, intended here as a deeply intuited impulse


Presently RadixlyEmbodyDesires encompasses:

The Mitzvah Technique and Professional Training for the MItzvah Technique

Bodies: the Alchemy of Movement, alternative technique and the Mitzvah Technique applied

B.I.T.S (Bodies In Time and Space) these are dance and performance projects.